1 Mile Run 2014/15 – Top Scores:

running-shutterstockWell done to all who participated, here are the top scores in each class:

5th Year

Luke Trearty                6.34

Mairead Coll               7.53

4th Year

Class 1

Stephen Mitchell         6.06

Niamh Kelly                 6.54

Class 2

Adam Serrinha            6.20

Keri Travers                9.10

3rd Year

N Deirdre

Jonah Serrinha            6.31

Lauren Scott                9.44

N Dylan

Rachel Sweeney          8.25

Bernard McGettigan   7.10

N Dara

Glen Gallagher           6.38

Jill McGettigan            7.40

N Diarmuid

Ryan Toye                   6.21

Ciara Murray              9.56


Amy O’Donnell            8.15

Ryan Taylor                 7.23


Eoin Kelly                    6.38

Danielle Conaghan     10.44

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