Donegal Professional Network visit Loreto

Loreto Community School, Milford students photographed with Deputy Joe Mc Hugh, a past pupil of the school, Eunan Friel, Jonathan Simmons and Mr. A. Kelly, Principal. The purpose of their visit to the school was to speak to students as they are part of the Donegal Professional Network.

Deputy Mc Hugh, Eunan Friel and Jonathan Simmons are  leading members of the Donegal Professional Network (DPN), a group of people who have come together with the intention of building relationships with fellow professionals from Co. Donegal who are based in Dublin.

The group is compiled of professionals , all in different areas and sectors, who believe there is work to do in highlighting the opportunities that are open to young people from Donegal that they might not otherwise be aware of, and also to give something back to the schools and communities that raised them.

The members of DPN all attended secondary schools in Co. Donegal and each member is contacting their Alma Mater to gauge if their is an appetite for calling in to a class and giving a talk around what they do in their professional lives, how they got there, any advice or recommendations they have and also answer any questions students might have about their own potential.Mar 2014 042 Mar 2014 011


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