Bill Clinton Presents Scholarship to Loreto Past Pupil

Principal Andrew Kelly is pictured with Bill Clinton, Shaun Sweeney and JP McManus.

Shaun Sweeney, who completed his Leaving Certificate at Loreto Community School this year, was presented with an All Ireland Scholarship toward his third level education by former US President, Mr Bill Clinton and sponsor, Mr JP McManus, in a ceremony at the University of Limerick. last Saturday, November 17.

Sponsored by Mr McManus, the scheme is set to provide financial assistance to many high achieving students who completed their Leaving Certificate or A Levels in 2012.

Speaking at the event, President Clinton said: “I would like to say to the students, today’s current economic crisis will pass and your education will endure, and it is very important that just as in making of peace, the Irish threw off the heavy hand of history to grasp for a brighter future, we throw off the burden of the current economic crisis to imagine a different future.

“What an education is, is a range of possibilities. It is a gift of personal freedom. It is a chance to make the most of, in spite of all the troubles at the moment.”


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